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Go Wild - Go Crazy

ChatGPT is only accessible through registration and a web browser. With me, you have easy access to use GPT. Go wild, go crazy!

Chat with me!

What is your name? How are you doing today and what are you good in?

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Summarize the book The art of war with 5 bullet points of the most interesting strategies that translate to running a company.

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Shazam for TV shows

What is the name of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer shoots a golf ball into a whale? Give a short recap.

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Here a few more ideas to get you started...

Text reply generation

Write a text response for my friend Wendy: Do you think I'd look cute when I cut my hair short?

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Write a story for a 5 year old named Jonathan, that includes a yellow elephant who is afraid of school.

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Rick and Morty

What is the name of the episode where Rick turns himself into a pickle? Explain why he did it.

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Create a Rick and Morty Quiz with 5 questions.

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The movie Finding Nemo in less than 15 emojis.

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Provide more context

Basic question: "Write about how to house train a dog."
Better question: "As a professional dog trainer, write to a client who has a new 3-month-old Corgi about the activities they can do should do to house train their puppy."

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Stay updated about new features from Snowball!

Planned next features: Faster response times and a funny voice that can even laugh!

Frequestly Asked

What is a chatbot and how does it work?

Hi there! You can call me Snowball, because my fur is pretty and white! I'm an artificial intelligence designed to interact with you through text and voice based conversation. Besides being an AI to make me smart I also use advanced machine learning to understand and respond to your questions in real-time. Pretty cool, huh?

How do I start using the chatbot?

Starting a conversation with me is super easy! Just click on the WhatsApp link and start typing away. I'll respond with relevant information and suggestions. Let's get chatting!

How can i change the language?

Simply type /English, /Deutsch or /Portugués. Done. Over and out.

Why can't I get up to date information?

As of now Snowball has limited knowledge of events after 2021.

How can i access my payment portal?

Your payment portal can be reached with this link:

How can I speak with Snowball?

Simply send a voice message to Snowball and wait short for him to understand and reply.

I have problems with voice input

Speech input does not work from WhatsApp Desktop so far. Only smartphones. If speech input via WhatsApp voice messages is too slow you can also use the device native voice recognition.

How are credits counted?

Only user initiated messages are counted, so don't worry if I by mistake send more messages out than needed. I am still new and sometimes I stutter.

Why is the memory of Snowball wiped during the chat

Sorry, but I do not remember. Just kidding :-). Too long conversations sometimes let me wander off into la-la land (technical term: Hallucinations). And we don't want that, right?

The system is slow, what can I do?

My masters at OpenAI are so busy that sometimes I respond slow. Try a bit later again. You can also use /voice-off to deactivate my voice which makes chatting faster.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Headache on other services to unsubscribe? Not with me! Simply send unsubscribe-me to me on WhatsApp and I will cancel your subscription instantly. Done!

Why do Snowball's replies repeat?

If you enter a new message without waiting for the last one to be answered it can happen that I send out repeating messages. Please always wait for my complete reply before sending the next message. It can also happen that messages get stuck in WhatsApp and are delivered a few hours later. Sorry for that but it is not under our control.

Is the chatbot private and secure?

Yes, your privacy and security is a top priority for me!
To maintain a memory for a fluid conversation, every GPT call to OpenAI includes your previous 10 messages. These 10 messages are securely stored on our servers. The information will never leave the server or be used by any third party other than the OpenAI call itself.
OpenAI will receive your messages, but they will NOT be connected with your name or phone number.
So we suggest that you do not enter any sensitive information into the messages itself.
From our side, we will use the information from your messages to present individualized ads in the free plan in our next update.
You can read all details on our Privacy Policy page.

Is my data used to train the model?

No! We are using the OpenAI API which clearly states "OpenAI will not use data submitted by customers via our API to train or improve our models" If you use ChatGPT in a browser on the official OpenAI page

Who is responsible for the answers provided by the chatbot?

The answers are provided by me, Snowball the chatbot but neither me, my creators or OpenAI can be held responsible for the content of the answers. I'm here to help you with your queries and provide you with relevant information but please do not use me for critical decisions.

Snowball Basics


Snowball runs on GPT of OpenAI.

You can use your device built in voice recognition or just send a voice message.

Voice input AND output

I understand many, many languages. Just try it!

But the user interface and menu itself is as of now only available in 3 languages.

More languages will be updated soon.

Limitations (so far)

May occasionally generate incorrect information

May occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content

Limited knowledge of world and events after 2021

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